BET The Game Season 5 Sneak Peek

Who else is as hype about the new season of The Game as I am?? I don't know if that's even possible lol! I get so caught up in the show like I really know the characters, and I look forward to the drama the show brings every week. It seems like it's been forever since season 4's finale. I've almost forgotten everything that happened. But don't worry beacuse I have every single episode from season 4 saved on my DVR for eternity LOL #dontjudgeme. I will definitely be going back to watch those before the new season starts in January.
I've really missed doing my weekly blog for The Game, so I am more than ready for it to pick back up. I caught the preview of the show Tuesday night during Reed Between The Lines, and let me just tell you… GET READY FOR THE DRAMA! Yessss lol! From what I saw, Brandy is going to be on this season… maybe dating Jason or working with him?? Hmm we shall see! Also there was a cameo appearance by DeRay Davis who seems to be playing himself. I also noticed that Melanie and Tasha still aren't on speaking terms and Malik and Derwin may still be having differences with their friendship. I don't know how this new quarterback for the Sabers is going to work out, but I guess we'll see! And Jenay, ugh you know how I feel about her. I wonder what it is she's saying she has to tell Derwin.
Also am I the only one who noticed that Kelly is nowhere to be found in the preview? I wonder if she will be on the show at all, or if she's been replaced by someone else. Oh well if she is I hope her and the new Brit Brat both have a new attitude this season! Also I peeped that Tasha is going to be getting her boots knocked by a mystery man! I wonder who it is! I would love to see Rick Fox come back for her!
Are you guys ready for the new season?? Better yet are you ready for the weekly blogs?? Check out the sneak peek of season 5 below and let us know what you think!
LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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