[Throwback Thursday] Who Do You Love?

Since Ladies Love Cool James was honored with the BET Hip Hop Lifetime Achievement Award this year, I decided to do a #throwbackthursday post for him! LL's influence on hip hop has been major, as he's not really a rapper but more like an mc. There are a few of his songs that I really love, but there's one in particular that is my absolute favorite. Some of his other hits that I've loved are "All I Have" with JLo, "Around the Way Girl", and "Love You Better".
Not only has he influenced hip hop over the past three decades, but he has also crossed over into the acting world making an impact on that as well. Remember he was on "In The House"?? And lets not forget about his movie roles including Deliver Us From Eva, SWAT, Deep Blue Sea, and Last Holiday just to name a few. LL is THAT dude! Not to mention that he's been with his wife since 1987 (I wasn't even born lol)… so he gets props from me for that alone!
See what my favorite song of his is and watch the video below! 
LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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