[Positive Mondays] Sky Is The Limit

Happy Monday bosses and boss chics! I hope everyone had a good weekend and is in a positive mood this beautiful Monday morning 🙂 It was such a struggle for me to get up this morning! My best friend Tia and I went to Richmond to help out our other best friend Ashley with a fashion show she worked in this weekend. She's interning for a magazine called Quail Belle, and they had a fantasy fashion show this weekend at her school VCU. Our other best friend Portia also came out to help as a dresser/stylist for the show.
We left Saturday morning around 9:30 am and got back last night around 10 pm. That 3 hour drive is NO JOKE in two days, but it was well worth it to be able to support such a deserving friend. I even got a dose of what it's like to be a part of the fashion industry behind the scenes; it was so mind boggling how talented people are in the fashion world! There's no way I could ever work under that pressure and at such a fast pace! It was fun seeing how everything goes down to put shows together and make them work.

Carry On –>


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