Violence Must Be Stopped

I just got the most disturbing news that someone from my hometown city was shot and killed tonight in an act of violence. I didn’t know him very well other than from word of mouth and from being at the same places at the same time, but it touched my heart nonetheless. Check this… I live in a city of probably less than 30,000 people where everyone knows everyone. So when a death occurs, it impacts the whole community.

This guy was only 21 years old (younger than me) when he lost his life. This only made me think of my cousin Delvin who was only 19 when he was killed. Mind you that was over ten years ago. What does this tell us? Ten years later, violence is STILL a huge factor in our community, and it’s even more sad because it’s mostly between blacks only. So what is our problem? There’s a question no one has any answers to!

I don’t think our young men of today realize that once someone is killed, there are two lives that are really taken. One person will never get their’s back, and the other will spend countless years behind bars. Don’t we deserve better than this? I think so! There’s really no excuse for the violent acts that take place in the world. So what if a dude looked at you funny, or if someone has more than you, or if there’s a dispute over money?? Trust me money can’t go with you if you’re behind bars nor can it go with you to the grave. I think the young men in America today tend to get distracted by the hype they hear in music, see in videos, and hear about in the streets that they forget the importance of life. There’s no way in hell you could ever enjoy these luxuries if you’re not here to witness them, let alone take someone else’s life.

I want to be one of those in my city who takes a stand against violence. I don’t want to be wondering which one of my son’s friends will get murdered in ten years. I don’t want to have to worry about his well being in the streets either. This HAS to stop. I’m reaching out to my readers to get opinions on what can be done to stop the violence? If you have ANY suggestions or are willing to be apart of maybe a team to bring attention to violence in the city, let me know! You can leave a comment here after the post, or email me at If we don’t stand for anything, we’ll fall for nothing and God knows we are better than that!

LaBellaBoss ♥


2 thoughts on “Violence Must Be Stopped

  1. Shant I am more than willing to take a stand because I do not want my child witnessing all the violence that we have in the past years! I remember when I was a child Elder Preston (lil man) led marches from Westend all the way to City Hall! They were for drugs but I'm sure it would be a great help if we could possibly do the same type of march against violence! Maybe get Tshirts made and sell them and take the profit and use it towards some other "stop the violence" events! Email me if u come up with a plan


  2. Shanta I would love to help and bring awareness.. This is something that really needs to be brought to the attention of our community. Just let me know how.~Morgan


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