Love In A Hopeless Place

Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna… she absolutely BROUGHT IT with her new video for "We Found Love"! I know I'm a few days behind on the post, but I can relate to this video so much that I knew my commentary would be long. This video gave me LIFE! Rihanna is doing her thing and paving her own way in the music industry. I love her F it attitude, her realness, her playful spirit, and her beauty! If you ask me, she's a legend in the making!
Anywho, let me hop of the Rihanna stan wagon real quick and focus on the video lol. It was epic! The visual and the storyline that she gave were undeniably real and raw. The depictions of the drugs throughout the video shows how toxic a relationship can be. That high from lust may feel good, but it's definitely not always good for you. Their relationship started off as something that looks sweet, innocent and fun; but soon turns destructive and becomes a downward spiral. As they become more and more addicted to each other (and depictions of drugs increase), the initial high of the relationship wears off. It's like they're trying to get that inital high back, so they can't let go of each other… kind of like an addict continues to use drugs in hopes of getting back that first high.

Throughtout the video, he becomes more and more aggresive, causing their relationship to become tumultuous. But yet, she can't let go. Boy have I been in this situation before! It's like you get in a relationship where everything is going perfectly, then as you get to know that person more and more you start to see them for what they really are and vice versa. No matter how bad things get, sometimes you just can't let go and you deal with the bad in hopes of one day getting the good back. I'm sure everyone has been in this type of relationship before, and it's SO unhealthy. But when you're in that situation you don't see it as such.

Carry On –>


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