[New Video] Party- Beyonce’ ft J. Cole

Here’s the video from Beyonce’s 4 album that I’ve been looking forward to the most! I absolutely love this song! I truly believe that “Party” will soon be a summer time anthem as well as an athem for all parties. I really loved this video and how laid back/chill it was. Beyonce’ did her thing once again! I wish Andre 3000 would’ve been in the visual since he hasn’t made an appearance in God knows how long, but I won’t be picky lol. J Cole is my husband in my head, so I’ll take a visual of him any day! Lol…

I loved seeing Solange and Kelly in the video as well. Solange’s style gives me life, and she looked very cute spinning on the turntable in the video! I also loved Bey’s many different looks and outfits. It’s nice to see her dress a little more casual and laid back, but keep it chic at the same time. My favorite part of the video is probably her funny facial expressions as she’s singing along with the words of the song… I also loved her and Kelly’s scene, as it’s always nice to see those two together again!

Are you feeling the new video for the hit single “Party”?? Leave a comment with your thoughts and let us know whether you’re feeling it or not!

LaBellaBoss ♥


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