Lace Up Wedged Booties

Sorry I've been MIA all week on the blog, but let me just tell ya'll I have had some serious writer's block this week! I don't know if my brain is just tired or what but I really drew a blank all week on my thinking processes lol. Anywho the fashion post for today was inspired by my very own Boss Chic of a mother 🙂 Over the weekend, she had on the cutest lace up wedged booties by Lucky Brand and I just had to do a post on similar shoes. 
Ironically Jenny Hud (my nickname for her lol) was spotted this week with her son wearing a pair of booties similar to my mom's. Then I found myself browsing online for a pair that I liked myself, and realized that there are so many to choose from! Which then brought to my attention that these are really in this season. I'll never understand how my mom is always two steps ahead of the game when it comes to having style, but I guess I get my love for fashion from her! 
Below you can check out a few pair that I peeped online. I think these are perfect for women who love to wear heels regularly but want to be casual from time to time. Or if you flip that, these are perfect for women who love to dress down, but want to be a little more girly/sexy. These add the perfect "oomph" and sexiness to a casual outfit and can be worn with just about anything. I prefer them with a regular t-shirt, jeans or tights, a cute jacket and purse. Can't go wrong with that! Let us know if you're feeling these booties or not!
LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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