[Positive Mondays] Put ME First

*throws shades on* What’s up Bosses and Boss Chics! It’s Monday again *yawns* but at least we all know we’ll be bringing in the week on a positive note right? Right 🙂 The fact that there was light outside on my way to work this morning put me in the best mood! That may sound simple, but you have no idea how hard it is to get out of the bed and get ready for work when it’s still dark outside. Then to look outside and see all your neighbors’ lights are still out? Pshhht it’s for the birds lol, but lo and behold there was light this morning! I couldn’t help but to appreciate the time change.
To add to my great morning, I had a great weekend as well. I actually got to RELAX. Let me reiterate that. I never get to sleep in late or just do nothing. My son is a fireball of energy so he always keeps me on my toes, but this weekend I got a little break. I got a little cleaning done, watched numerous movies, and even slept until 3 pm yesterday LOL. I hadn’t slept that late probably since high school, but it was much needed and well deserved.
Sleeping in made me realize how much I’m always on the go. Even when I’m at home I’m always doing something like catering to Trey, doing homework, housework, or something! My mind is never really clear for the most part, and I realized that I need to take more time out for myself. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in life’s duties that we don’t take time for ourselves and we tend to burn out. I think that was my problem last week when I couldn’t really think of anything I wanted to write about. It really doesn’t take much to give yourself some “me time”. Even if it’s just going to a movie, a solo lunch, the nail salon, or sleeping in all day… we ALL should take that time out for ourselves on a regular basis.
I’m the type of person who is never satisfied with my work. I could be doing a million things and I’ll still be wondering if there is something else I can pick up as a hobby or job in the mix of it all. This can be a pretty rewarding attitude to have, but at the same time it’s also tiring. Whenever I do take breaks or take days where I don’t do anything, I start to feel like I’m slacking. But after this weekend, my opinion of that changed. How can you really enjoy what you work for if you don’t take the TIME to do so?? Don’t over work yourself when you know that you already give your all, it will be hard to appreciate everything in the long run if you tire yourself out in the process!
LaBellaBoss ♥

SN: Don’t you just love the pics of Lady Gaga with her shades on? I don’t think anyone’s collection is better than hers lol. Anywho make sure you throw your shades on and keep blocking out negativity for #PositiveMondays!


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