[Boss Books] One Day It’ll All Make Sense

If you check my All About Me section on the blog, you will notice that I’m an avid reader. I will read anything, and I’ll read the same book more than once if I can’t find anything new that interests me. I recently bought myself a kindle so I can keep up with all my books a little better. Since I got that for myself, I’ve read a good 15 books or more. What can I say, I’m a book worm lol.
The most recent book I’ve read is a memoir by Common of his own life titled One Day It’ll All Make Sense. This book was hard for me to put down from beginning to end. This compelling story of how a young black boy from the streets of Chicago paved his own way to become a successful rapper/actor. His mother provided him a pretty good life in southside Chicago and made sure that he went to a good school. However, he like any other young man got into his share of trouble coming up in the streets. His memoir told of physical altercations that surrounded him in his prime, some of which ended in a trigger being pulled. Luckily he made it out by going off to college at Florida A&M. Sadly not all of his friends made it out of the streets alive.

 He started each chapter of his life with a letter of someone important to him. Some of those started with letters to some of his best friends he lost throughout his life. Since he didn’t graduate from college, it goes on to show how he worked his way up in the entertainment industry by pure hard work. He didn’t get a free pass at all on his journey, yet he never gave up. There were a few times in life that he sacrificed himself and his beliefs for the sake of others and for love, but in the end he found a way to remain true to himself and still do what he loves.

Not only does he touch on the struggles of an every day black male, he also gives it to you 100% real. He speaks on the hurt that comes with abortion, the struggles of raising a child at a young age, and he also gives light to how the music industry works behind the scenes. And for those of you who love to get the scoop on any and everything, he also speaks about his relationships with both Erykah Badu and Serena Williams… I really appreciated this book as it’s hard to get a male’s perspective on life at times. Common is a very respectable man who I’ve always been a fan of. I love how the book shows how he become a more “conscious” rapper as he grew in life. This memoir was really enlightening and worth the read. If you’re a reader this is definitely one you should add to your list!
LaBellaBoss ♥

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