[Fashion Files] Shellac Nails

I’m not really sure how new these are, but shellac nails are the most recent nail trend that I’ve been turned on to. These are by far the best I’ve tried! I don’t really like to get acrylic or gel over my real nails because I never keep them on for more than a few weeks/months. Then I end up tearing up my nails in the process of removing the gel. So when my best friend told me about the shellac nails she tried, I had to try them out for myself.
Shellac nails are basically a hard coated fingernail polish that dries by laser. I think they use a clear base coat, two polish coats, and a clear top coat and they put your nails under a laser for a minute or so after each coat. The outcome of the product is a hard, shiny finish to your nails that does not break. These last for about 14 days before you need to re-up and get back to the nail salon. You really can’t beat that! If I remember correctly, they run at $18 which is pretty good for the amount of time they last. One of my friends showed me her nails today, and she had a pink and white zebra print with the shellac polish that was really cute. So you can definitely play these up into different designs as well.
 Check out pics below of my nails, my best friends nails, and also my other friend’s nails with the pink/white zebra print! There’s also a picture below that gives you a glimpse of the difference between regular polish and the shellac polish.  Will you be trying these out?
LaBellaBoss ♥

The difference between regular polish and shellac #bawse


6 thoughts on “[Fashion Files] Shellac Nails

  1. Yes it can be a little hard to remove, but it definitely beats getting gel nails or acrylic! @The Honeyroom you will love it! They don't chip until after like 2 weeks. you know regular polish will have your nails looking rough in 3 days lol


  2. If you live in Martinsville, I always go to Red Nails… they do a very good job and they're not too expensive! You can't buy it though because they go under one of the laser hand dryers that makes them dry faster than normal polish. Auntie Kim I'm sure you should be able to find somewhere down there for a good price!


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