[Nail Files] Essie’s Winter Collection

I'm going to try to start getting more into beauty posts dealing with makeup, hair and nails rather than just fashion to expand it a little more. Of course we all take pride in our sense of fashion, but what is a good outfit if the look isn't complete with dope nails? I'm not one to wear makeup every day, and I do my own hair for the most part, but I take pride in my nails just as much as I do with my clothes.
Call me simple, but for the past few years while everyone has been going nail crazy with designs and whatnot, I have ALWAYS been one to just get a regular color on my nails. I've never been a design girl. Just give me a really hot color and that's all I need! I do however like the shatter polishes as well as regular polish but that's about as crazy as I get. 
One of the nail lacquer brands that are pretty hot on the celebrity market, is Essie's. This brand has been worn by the likes of Ciara, Eve, Eva Mendez, Kim Kardashian, etc. I've never used this polish before, but it seems to be pretty smooth and they have really nice colors. Each bottle runs you at $8, which isn't bad at all being that you pay close to that amount for regular brands in the drug store. 
Check out the Essie's winter collection below and let us know what you think!
LaBellaBoss ♥

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