[Throwback Thursday] Don’t Say No…

I’m not sure how many of you are Love & Hip Hop fans, but it is definitely my favorite reality show out right now. The show is full of drama, but I hold it to be a little bit more interesting that the Basketball Wives shows, and they can at least get along for the most part during the tapings.
Of course Olivia, formerly a member of G-Unit, is a part of the show as she gives light to how hard it is for her to get her career up and moving in the direction she wants it to go. I remember Olivia way back when she made “Bizzounce” in the 90’s. After that we didn’t hear anything else from her until her G-Unit days. But does anyone remember her playing Avant’s love interest in his video for “Don’t Say No, Say Yes”??
This song is one of my favorite songs by Avant, even though I love any and everything he touches! But it was just something about the sensuality of this video, the way he looked at her… you could tell he wanted her bad!! I think Olivia is a beautiful girl, and she looks gorgeous in this video! I hope her career picks up and takes off because she’s a wonderful singer with the right look.

Make sure you check the video out below… Does this bring back any memories for you??

SN: Can we get another album from Avant ASAP? #thatisall
LaBellaBoss ♥


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