[Fashion Files] Rain Rain Go Away

Not too long ago, I did a post on military style rainboots that got a lot of views so I decided to do one for regular rain boots as well so you all can get ideas on the different kinds out there. There is probably nothing that I hate more than going outside in the rain or wet snow. Yes I despise cold weather, but it's ten times worse when it's wet outside! Last year for Christmas, my mom got me some really cute rain boots by Dirty Laundry that I fell in love with! Stepping outside in the rain/snow when you have on rain boots is so much more bearable than when you don't!
The worst thing about getting caught in the rain to me is having to deal with soaked pants legs all day, but when you have a handy pair of rain boots you don't have to deal with that. The rain boots that I have are sort of a military style; they're black with two buckles and straps crossing in the front. I like those because I can wear them with just about anything and they almost look like a regular boot. However, I do want to get a pair that are a little more colorful as well.
You can check below for different pairs of cute rain boots that I found online after the break. I tried to stray away from the basic colors because you can find those just about anywhere. Some are a little more expensive than others as I've listed a few designer pair, but most are pretty affordable. Let us know what you think!
LaBellaBoss ♥

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