Change Comes Eventually

Celebs on NYE
Happy New Year bosses and boss chics! I hope everyone brought it in safely and in good spirits. With the new year comes constant talk of changing for the better, changing ways, changing habits… All you see on Facebook and twitter statuses is change. On the contrary, you also see people posting about how we shouldn't wait until the new year to make changes that we know already should be made, which I totally agree with.
Since many make New Year's resolutions that they plan to stick to every year, I think this holiday is the one that is most centered around change and self reflection. But what I think we fail to realize is that we have to actually want to change in order to make it happen. How many times have you made a new year's resolution only to break it after a few weeks or months into the year? I do it all the time. More than anything it's because we're not actually ready for the change that we commit to, or we're not serious about getting there.

Carry On –>


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