[Fashion Files] Heel-less Platforms

Here lately a few different celebrities have been spotted lately rocking what I like to call "heel-less heels". While the trend is far from new, as Lady Gaga has been wearing these for awhile now, they caught my eye recently after Nicole Scherzinger and Kelly Rowland were spotted in a tribal printed pair by Guiseppe Zanotti (pictured above). I thought theirs were very unique and I would probably rock them to the heel fell off LOL! #childish
Like I said these aren't new at all in the fashion world, but I found a pair online at NastyGal.com for $82.60. I think that's a pretty decent price for a pair of shoes that are hard to come by. As of right now, I doubt if there are many shoes with this design that you can get for a good price. So I wanted to help my readers out and point you to the cheaper version if you're willing to experiment with these!
First of all the trick is mastering "the walk" in them. Once you get that down packed, I think you should be good to go lol…. but even Lady Gaga took a tumble in them before so "break a leg" lol.
LaBellaBoss ♥

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