[Nail Files] Ka’oir Cosmetics Nail Lacquer

I'm not sure if you all remember but last month I did a post on Ka'oir Lipstick by Keyshia Dior, well now the video vixen has her own nail lacquer under the same brand. She just launched her nail polish right before Christmas, and currently has a special running where you can get 3 for $25.99. If you don't want the bundle, then each bottle is $9.99 a piece. All of the colors stand out to me, especially the brighter colors as pictured above.

I definitely respect Keyshia's hustle being that she started this brand herself and continues to expand it as her clientele grows. She went from making lipstick and lip glosses to adding a line of nail lacquer and tank tops. From what I read in her tweets, she will also plan on launching a line of eyelashes with her brand as well. Now if that's not a boss then I don't know what is!

Check out the different colors in her nail polish line below and let us know what you think! Will you be buying? Make sure you check out her website http://www.kaoir.com/ if you're interested in purchasing anything.

SN: Keyshia Dior inspires me to make bigger moves… now watch me work! *hits the flex* lol

LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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