[Fashion Files] Dress Like Draya

Call me crazy, but I just love Draya! When she first appeared on the scene, I had my doubts about her because of the stories centering around her leaving her son to fend for himself while she traveled. But after seeing her on Basketball Wives LA and following on twitter, the girl is a trip lol. It's really hard to not like her personality.
A week or two ago, she was spotted partying it up at Vanquish in ATL sporting magenta suede pumps, thigh high tights, a black leather mini, and a YSL t-shirt. As I was reading the blogs, I noticed that lots of people weren't feeling Draya's outfit at all but I actually thought it was fly! For some reason I love to wear black when I go out, and her black and white combo is hitting in my eyes! I love how she threw in the hot pink shoes, they set the total outfit off very well and added just the right amount of color needed.
Below I've pieced together a similar look which is probably much cheaper than what Draya is wearing. Of course you can find similiar pieces out there for even less than what I posted, this is just to give you a general idea of how to turn it into your own. You can check it out below and let me know what you think! Are you feeling this look?
LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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