[Positive Monday] No BS in 2012

Happy Monday Bosses and Boss Chics! I hope everyone had a great weekend, as I did for the most part! Of course we have to start our week on a positive note, and since it's still the beginning of the year what better what to start the week than to make a goal to cut out all bullshit from your life?
If you know me, for the most part you should know that I'm a very kindhearted person, and I can tend to be a pushover at times. I get a satisfaction out of making others happy, but sometimes I forget to put myself first. My initial goal of 2012 was to put all bs behind me, focus on what makes me and only me happy, and not worry about what anyone else has to say. I must say so far I'm doing very good! It starts to take a toll on you when you worry about what others will say about your actions, and at the end of the day only you have to live with them.

Carry On –>


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