The Game… Skeletons; The Truth Pact

Let me start by saying this season is obviously what we've been missing! I loved the premiere! It starts with Jason who wakes up in bed with Selita Ebanks. Dip and Pitts! Lol… Melanie meets Dr. McHottie at the hospital as she and Derwin are leaving from talking to the fertility specialist. All the while Derwin is trying to figure out what's what about the abortion she had previously. Malik brings a drugged up Jenna into his home and tries to help her to avoid media. She was way too gone!

It was big of Derwin to apologize to Melanie for spassing about the abortion, but I just knew the abortion wasn't his baby. I know Melanie felt bad as hell after his apology. Tasha Mack is back and funny as ever! I can't believe Tasha is sad about dropping Derwin. From the previews of the show, I didn't think she cared considering that her and Melanie fell out. Tasha has her reservations about Malik getting his life in order, and he proves her right by ordering wings while Jenna was sick.
Carry On –>


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