Rihanna the Rockstar vs. Rihanna the Role Model

Ohhhh Rihanna! Lol I told ya'll I start every post about her with that phrase! Whether you smoke or not, you have to love this girl for always staying true to the real her and not pretending to be something she's not. Rihanna was recently vacationing in Hawaii, and was caught by the paps smoking what seems to be a blunt. Ever since these pics flooded the internet, Rihanna has been the face of much ridicule, but on the other hand some people respect her even more.
I've been reading different celebrity blogs and when I'm on different sites I ALWAYS read the comment section. They are hilarious! But at the same time you find that commenters can be very judgmental as well. Now I am a very open minded person, and I don't judge anyone… blame it on my Aquarius sign *shrugs*. So as I was reading the comments I noticed that people were saying that Rihanna shouldn't be doing this because she's a role model to kids etc etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are lots of young girls who do look up to Rihanna, but let's be real it's not her job to be a role model.

Carry On –>


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