[The Game Recap] Game Opening, Game Closing

Yay to The Game bringing me some laughs last night! Since my computer was messed up, I didn’t get to do my post on last week’s episode of The Game but I’m backkk J Last week’s episode was quite boring to me, but this week brought me back to life.
In last night’s episode, Jason and Chardonnay are hitting it off and he takes her to the movies. He asks Chardonnay if she wants popcorn and she tells him that she actually brought her own snacks then starts pulling out Ziploc bags full of candy LOL! I thought Jason was going to call her ghetto and be turned off, but the fool then brought out his own bag too lol. On top of that they start yelling out at the movie together, running everybody else out of the theatre.
This first scene shows that Jason is starting to actually like Chardonnay beyond their unplanned marriage. But when Jason asks Chardonnay if she would like to actually continue dating him, she tells him that she feels like they’re in two different places in life and rejects him. Jason who isn’t used to rejection at all doesn’t know how to handle this, so he calls on his boys for help. Of course in the last episode, Malik and Derwin still weren’t on speaking terms so they initially thought he was trying to get them back talking. However, when he revealed that he was married to a black woman (one who acts like Tasha Mack at that lol), they told him that he has to fight for his woman.

Carry On –>


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