[Gift Your Girl] Juicy Couture VDay Charm Bracelets

These two Juicy Couture bracelets are a perfect gift for that special lady on Valentine’s Day. They’re not TOO expensive and they say I love you in just the right way. And what girl do you know that doesn’t like Juicy Couture’s charm bracelets and necklaces? Don’t worry I’ll wait!
The bracelet on the left is called the Love Charm Bracelet and it runs at $88.00. You might think that’s a steep price, but you have to remember that you can add charms to this bracelet as you please. So if you get this as a gift for someone, you can just add a charm each holiday or each year for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary etc. She will definitely feel like you put thought into the gift. On the other hand, the bracelet on the right is called the Heart Starter Bracelet and costs $58.00. This one is obviously cheaper since charms cannot be added, but it still makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.
You can click on the names of the bracelets within the post and it will direct you directly to the site where you can order these online if you’re interested! Are you guys ready for Valentine’s Day??
LaBellaBoss ♥

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