[New Video] Bad Girls- M.I.A.

Is MIA trying to take Rihanna's spot as the worldwide bad girl? I don't know and I don't care because I love it! MIA is one bad bish and not just by her looks and her style, but her music is beyond dope and so is her attitude! She just don't give a!  I know ya'll saw her flip the bird to the camera last night during Madonna's half time performance? MIA was the highlight of the show for me, when she stuck up her middle finger at the end of her verse it gave me life! I think I can relate to those artists who just don't care and have that "This is me hate it or love it I'm still me" type attitude.

I won't really go into talk about the Super Bowl half time show since I didn't really care for it, let's just skip the small talk and get right to MIA's new video for her new single "Bad Girls". Most of you remember her from her hit "Paper Planes", which received even more accreditation after some of the hottest rappers jumped on the remix. Well "Bad Girls" seems to be another guaranteed hit for the Sri Lankan beauty.

In her new video you can see her decked out in chains while posted up on top of a Beamer that's riding on two wheels. She is definitely giving us that bad girl vibe and I love it! I originally spotted the video at Necole Bitchie, and just wanted to repost it because I thought it was so hot! MIA is definitely a boss chic, and whether you think she is or not I don't think she quite cares lol… She did that!

Check out the video below as well as a few tweets from different celebrities giving MIA props on the new hit. SN: MIA is 36 years old!! Who knew?!? #bawse

LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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