2012 Grammy’s Recap

I must say the Grammy's disappointed this year! Well actually they disappoint me usually every year now, but I still try to give them the benefit of the doubt and watch it anyway. Majority of my timeline was watching the Grammy's along with me, and let me just tell ya'll twitter makes the Grammy's ten times better than what they are! Talk about hilarious lol! Upon request by a few of my followers, I decided to give a quick run down of my thoughts on last night's awards show.
Well obviously the first two pics are the sole reason that I even wanted to watch in the first place! I LOVE ADELE AND RIHANNA!!! I was in stan overdrive last night lol. Both ladies looked gorgeous and glamorous on the red carpet, and both performed as well. Rihanna turned it up a notch with her performance showing how much she has grown throughout her career. The vocals have improved and she was giving us a little taste of her island girl dance moves… Now Rihanna ain't no Bey on the dance floor but she did her thing! I love seeing her perform because she has fun with it and doesn't take herself seriously… #girlcrush!! Rihanna also took home two Grammy's (Best Rap Collab & Best Rap Song) for her collaboration with Kanye' on "All of the Lights". Get it Rih! SN: The song she did with Coldplay was fire!
Adele on the other hand gave me straight chills automatically when she started singing. She performed "Rolling In The Deep" which was her first performance since she had surgery on her vocal chords. She did not disappoint at all! She makes singing so well look so easy. Last night Adele swept the board taking home six Grammys, all of which were well deserved! She is so humble, you can't help but love her!
On another note, Chris Brown also performed last night which makes this the first time he and Rihanna have attended the same award show since their incident in 2009. Chris did his usual thing of singing during the beginning, then went into his dance mode for the rest of the performance. I love to see him perform because he always gives his all. His set was dope and reminded me of the old game QBert! He performed my favorite song by him "Beautiful People", I was fist pumping away last night lol! Chris also took home the award for Best R&B Album and I was so happy! It feels good seeing him make a comeback after the world thought he never would. And I'm glad they weren't petty with it by focusing the camera between Rih and Chris all night.
Last but not least, I sat up waiting and waiting for the tribute to Whitney Houston and ended up mad! Don't get me wrong, Jenny Hud (I never call her by her real name anymore lol) did her thing with "I Will Always Love You" per usual but that's all we get for Whitney? Whitney paved the way for EVERY female singer that came after her so the tribute definitely should have been longer. I had heard that Chaka Khan was going to perform "I'm Every Woman"… That would've brought me to life!
Other than what I said above the awards were pretty bland. I won't go into details about the other performances, just wanted to list my favorites… but I really can't leave ya'll without mentioning Nicki. Let's just say homegirl lost a fan last night and by the looks of twitter there's plenty more where that came from. Idk who authorized that bs, why they did or when but they should be smacked! Nicki my dear, you have officially sold your soul to the industry obviously you'll do anything for the fame! It wasn't so much the performance that bothered me but that song was pure garbage #thatisall
I forgot to mention it but Bruno Mars did really well during his performance as well, but did ya'll see the look on his face when he lost to Adele?? #salty lol… Check out a few of the performances from last night below and feel free to comment with your thoughts!
LaBellaBoss ♥

Carry On –>


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