[My Natural Hair] The Fishtail Braid

Believe it or not I'm still going strong with #teamnatural even though it's been a serious struggle! I had started doing random posts about my hair to maybe help other women/girls going through the natural process as well but I haven't experimented with any new hairstyles lately. Just to give an update though, I had been wearing my hair in the bantu knots and taking them out like before. One time I had tried the bantu knots in twists rather than plaits, and the result was a head full of curls like I had gotten rods. I loved it!
Once my bantu twists fell completely, I figured out a way to pin up my hair in a cute, messy bun to avoid washing my hair for a few days. I then went to the beauty shop the weekend before my birthday (2 weeks ago) and decided to get my hair flat ironed again. I hadn't gotten it like that since October and I loved how it turned out. I've been trying to stay away from putting heat to my head to avoid breakage in the future, so it's very rare that I get it straightened.
Now I'm in the last few days of my straight hair and I'm trying to hold off as long as possible before doing my hair again. My hair is just so massive and thick, it's a process trying to do anything to it. What I want to try next is the fishtail braid as pictured above. That way I can do something different to my hair while it's straight and I can hold off on washing it again for a few more days.
Below I've posted a few pictures like I normally do of my different hairstyles I've been trying lately. If you're going natural but run out of ideas for your hair, always check the transitional videos on youtube… they are so helpful! Check out my different hair "experiments" below lol and let me know what you think!
LaBellaBoss ♥

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2 thoughts on “[My Natural Hair] The Fishtail Braid

  1. I see you holding up with team natural. I haven't had a relaxer in 6 months. With trial and error I have found the perfect shampoo n conditioner that let's me comb straight through my hair with no struggle. I'm glad because my hair is really thick! But anyway the product is creme of nature conditioning shampoo and detangling conditioner. You should try it and let me know what you think


  2. Whew I'm trying but it's been a process! Kudos to you for being 6 months strong! I have tried the creme of nature detangling conditioner and I use it on the regular! I also like that brand's moisturizing cream! I haven't tried their shampoo though. I've been using Mixed Silk shampoo and deep conditioner which I found at Sally's for like $5, so far I don't have any complaints on that!


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