[Fashion Files] Sweats & Heels

Sweats and heels is probably the one look that most people automatically say is a fashion fail, and I used to think the same thing until I got older and developed this quirky style that I have. Now I'm down to try just about anything! We first saw this look years ago worn by 106th & Park's first co-host, Free. She used to have this look down to a science, but back then no one else was wearing it. (Mariah Carey doesn't count she wears heels with EVERYTHING lol). 
Now it's a different story though. Not too long ago, 106th & Park's newest co-host Rocsi posted a picture to her instagram rocking heels and sweats, and she shouted out Free in her caption as being the first to ever do it. Since then I've seen the trend steadily growing and the question still remains is it fashionable to wear sweats with heels? I say yes! BUT it does depend on how you wear it and the type of sweats you're wearing. I think each girl in the pics above represented the look very well, and I found a pair of sweatpants similar to theirs that I think would look good with heels as well.
Below you can check out two pair of sweatpants that I found at TopShop.com. Each pair are priced at $50 and you can click the link below each to go straight to the website if you want to purchase them. Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on this look! Would you wear it??
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5 thoughts on “[Fashion Files] Sweats & Heels

  1. I was skeptical at first as well until I looked into it! But I love the look! I think you have to be very confident to pull it of bc people are automatically going to criticize the look based on whats popular


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