Boss Chic Of The Month- February 2012

Boss Chick Of The Month
February 2012 Boss Chic Of The Month

I wanted to start doing a Boss Chic Of The Month every month to show love to young women and girls who are out there doing their thing. Well this month I wanted to bring attention to a special girl in my very own life. My little cousin Kendra, who will be 16 in March, is probably one of the smartest people I know. People have always said I’m smart, but this girl has me beat.

I recently found out that Kendra is ranked number 3 in her sophomore class of 276 students. Not only that but she has a GPA of 4.5! It’s amazing to see a young girl her age working so hard towards her education in a world where teenage pregnancy, drug use, and alcoholism is so common. Kendra has never been the partying type, for the most part she’s a pretty quiet girl. But at the same time, she’s not a follower by any means. She walks her own path.

I asked her what she plans on doing when she graduates from high school. She told me that she was thinking about going into pharmacy and studying at UNC Charlotte. I’m sure whatever she does she will succeed. I think it’s great that there are still young girls out there who exemplify respectable behavior and don’t do the norm just because it’s what everyone else is doing.

I’m excited to see what path she takes in life and there are other young women out there as well that I keep my eyes on. I can only tell you to stay true to yourselves and be the boss chics that you are!


-LaBellaBoss ♥


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