[Nail Files] OPI Holland Collection

I have absolutely fallen in love with OPI’s Holland Nail Lacquer Collection! These colors are so pretty and I want to try every one of them! I can see a few of these colors being put together for the ombre style. If you’re not aware of what that is, it’s where you have different shades of the same color on one hand. Like you may have a range of blues from midnight to robins egg to sky blue on one hand. I really think that’s a pretty way to display versatility with nail polish.

All of the colors in this collection are dope and are perfect for the spring. I can’t wait to try them on my nails and toes! Are you feeling these colors and will you be wearing them this spring? Below you can check out the individual shades and how they look on the actual nail. I’ve also included the name of each. Hit me up with comments and let me know which is your favorite color!

SN: Kiss Me On My Tulips and Thanks A Windmillion are so pretty! I have to try those :*


LaBellaBoss ♥

A Roll In The Hague
Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?
Dutch' Ya Just Love OPI
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
I Don't Give A Rotterdam
I Have A Herring Problem


Kiss Me On My Tulips
Pedal Faster Suzi!Red Lights Ahead... Where?
Thanks A Windmillion
Wooden Shoe Like To Know