Unjust Justice


You know how certain words that come with feeling, emotion or action can be used so loosely that they begin to lose their effective meaning? Love is a great example, since it’s thrown arround so much. Not only that but marriage is a word that has turned into a mockery in our society. But I bet the word “justice” doesn’t immediately come to your mind when you think of these types of words.

Everyone has heard about the Trayvon Martin case, if you haven’t then I assume you live under a rock. Trayvon was murdered in an insensitive act of violence by a 28 year old Latino neighbor , George Zimmerman, who was a “self proclaimed” neighborhood watch captain. I won’t really go into details behind everything that was reported since we all should be familiar with the story, but Zimmerman is STILL walking as a free man to this day.

On the recording where Zimmerman had called 911, you can hear plain as day how the representative told him not to pursue Trayvon and said they had someone on the way to check into it. The only cause that Zimmerman had to actually go after Trayvon was that there had been previous break ins in the area, and that Trayvon had on a hoodie and his hand was in his pocket. If this is grounds for him being a “suspect” then I guess you could say about 90% of young kids with hoodies look suspect as well.

Since then, the issue has become nationwide and the outrage that has followed has been just as great. I’ve seen many people as well as celebrities showing love publicly either by wearing hoodies or sending off empty skittles bags. Everyone has been posting their pictures to different social networks in hopes of raising awareness to the case and bringing justice to Trayvon.

When I read about this it really hurt me to my heart. To know that issues like this still arise in our justice system is absurd. I know lots of people and the media have turned it into a race crime, but even without considering race the crime in general is one of which should not entitle freedom. How is it possible that George Zimmerman received no punishment whatsoever, yet Trayvon wasn’t armed? We already said how the 911 rep told Zimmerman not to pursue Trayvon. Also, Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend when it happened and she confirmed that he was attacked by Zimmerman.

It’s just crazy to me that this could be called an act of “self defense”  according to the law in Florida. How is it possible that he pull no time for this but people get life sentences behind drugs? How can stealing be considered a crime more worthy of jail time than killing a teenage boy? I really don’t get it. It just goes to show that our world really is screwed up and our justice system isn’t so just. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this issue below! Also check out pics of different celebrities as well as some of my facebook friends and twitter followers in their hoodies for Trayvon.

I hope he gets the justice he deserves! #WeAreTrayvonMartin


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3 thoughts on “Unjust Justice

  1. This tragedy has left me wondering. Will events like this continue to take place leaving murderers like Zimmerman free? Smh it really hits deep when you are a parent to hear such nonsense. I pray that God intervenes and allows justice to be served. Trayvon didnt deserve this and no other innocent child will ever.

    God Bless, Princess


    1. It’s a tough pill to swallow to know that this is ok in our society. I’m still sick to my stomach behind this especially since they started trying to make Trayvon seem like a bad kid. It’s just so many jagged edges in this story, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not but I hope Trayvon eventually gets the justice due to him.


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