[Fashion Files] Nick Love The Kids

Amandla Steinberg aka "Rue" from The Hunger Games

This past weekend presented the annual Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and these young stars came dressed to impressed! Now don’t get it twisted, I didn’t watch the awards but as I was checking the blogs this morning for my daily updates I immediately noticed the fashion from the orange carpet. I was so impressed with how fashion forward they looked but in a respectful, age appropriate way.

Pictured above is 14 year old Amandla Steinberg who played my favorite character Rue in the smash movie The Hunger Games. This is off subject a tad, but Amandla received racist backlash for her role in the movie… people were upset that Rue was a black girl and some even went as far as saying it ruined the movie for them. I personally read the books and know for a fact it stated that Rue had dark skin and dark eyes, but go figure! People will turn anything into a racial issue smh.

Anyway I thought little miss Steinberg’s outfit was so cute and age appropriate for the event! I love how she has on flats instead of heels and found a way to make herself stand out without flaunting her goods or being sexy. Also in attendance who I thought was dressed so cute was China McClain from House Of Payne… She looked very bossy and didn’t look too grown. And I can’t leave out on of my favs, Willow! People are always giving Willow a hard time because she dresses a little over the top for most people’s likings, but I love her spunk! I see absolutely nothing wrong with her look… I love how her parents allow her to be herself, she is definitely a shining star.

Kudos to these girls for being great role models to kids their age! I love seeing younger girls actually acting their age rather than trying to be 5 years older. All of us women have been at that age where it’s so easy to get influenced and swayed in the wrong direction. I’m anxious to see what these girls do as they grow older and I hope they maintain their morals and values as they age! Check out a pic of China and Willow’s outfits below 🙂


LaBellaBoss ♥


China McClain from House Of Payne & A.N.T. Farm
Jada, Willow, & Jaden... Jada is looking bossy 😉




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