[Bossy On Budget] Mossimo Floral Shorts

Mossimo Jeans Floral Shorts $17.99

What’s up bosses and boss chics? Spring has got me in fashion overdrive with each passing warm, sunny day. I’m so excited about the summer and vacations and free weekends, trips to the pool, the beach, etc. Of course you can’t do all of that without dressing the part. I wanted to start doing regular posts showcasing stylish pieces you can find for cheap at your local stores everywhere. Sort of like a look for less, but we’ll call it bossy on budget 🙂

On that note, these Mossimo Floral Shorts were found at target.com for only $17.99 and they are SO chic! These are perfect for a casual day when you still want to look your best. They also come with the skinny belt and I thought that was a great accessory to  have in your closet. I created a look based around the shorts and tried to keep it inexpensive; and of course you know you can always find similar items for less at different stores. Anywho I paired the shorts with brown oxfords by Steve Madden and a stonewash denim chambray shirt from Forever21. You can check those out below and leave a comment with your thoughts! Are you feeling this look?


LaBellaBoss ♥


Forever21 Stonewash Chambray Shirt $19.90


Steve Madden H-Troser Oxfords $59.95




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