[Fashion Files] Neon Shoegasm

Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t until I saw these shoes at NastyGal.com! I immediately fell in love with these Agnes Platform Wedges  that  I found at their website for…*weeps silently* $198! Lol yeah I know the price is steep but it’s ok to lust over them anyway!

I love the make of the actual wedge and how they square off at the tip and at the very back. The color is perfect for spring and will look great with anything, especially floral prints which are currently in style. It all depends on if you think the price is right. So tell me would you splurge $200 on these wedges? And if not these, what WOULD you splurge $200 on? Hit us up with comments 🙂


LaBellaBoss ♥



2 thoughts on “[Fashion Files] Neon Shoegasm

  1. I do not own a pair of neon heels yet but I definitely will this Sunday for Easter! I love bright colors & heels!! So these are perfect for me!


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