[Fashion Files] Camper Twins Moccasins

Camper Twins Moccasins $144.99

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Camper Twins moccasins I found online at zappos.com!!! They are sooo hot! Ok let me come back down to earth now, but let me just tell ya’ll I have died and gone to Heaven over these shoes! If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you already know that I live for moccasins. They are so comfy, fashion forward, and unique… you won’t catch too many people walking around wearing them. For those reasons, they are by far my favorite shoe.

Here lately I noticed that I’m sort of finding myself when it comes to personal style. I’ve gotten more into the bohemian/vintage look lately, but I’m also into that rock/biker look as well. But at the same time I always tie everything together to make it girly. Anywho I just had to do a look around these moccasins in the above picture! I paired them with acid wash skinny jeans, a sleeveless denim top (which you can tie at the front if you’d like), and lots of silver jewelry. A cute pair of black sunglasses would add just the extra touch of bad-assness needed to complete the look.

Check out the look I put together below and let me know if you’d rock this out 🙂

SN: Don’t you just love the storm clouds designed into the moccasins?? #BAWSE!


LaBellaBoss ♥

TopShop Sleeveless Denim Shirt $56.00
Forever21 Acid Wash Skinnies w/ Studded Belt $27.80
TopShop Plastic Square Sunglasses $32.00

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