Let’s Make It Last Forever

I was browsing through twitter today and saw where one of my favorite tweeps @Amazing_Aura had tweeted about the significance of marriage today. She asked if anyone would forego a wedding and an actual marriage because they simply feel like it’s “just a piece of paper”. Not too long ago, I was reading through Necole Bitchie’s site comments as they were having a discussion about the value of marriage these days… I think it was right after the time Kim K filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after their 72 day marriage. So I have to ask my readers, how important is marriage to you?

Now while some people feel like marriage really has no importance now (and who can blame them with people taking it so slightly these days), I feel just the opposite. Marriage is so sacred to me, it’s every woman’s dream for the most part. I didn’t really grow up around any married couples who were openly affectionate, but I know I want to witness that if at all possible. Who doesn’t want to get married and have kids and raise a family with the one they love, and cherish that person until death do they part? Lol it sounds sooo good to the ear, so appeasing!

But people fail to realize that with a great marriage comes lots of work, communication, and time. You have to give yourself completely to this one person for life, and vice versa. I really think people get so caught up in the glitz of a wedding and the thought of marriage that they get unrealistic with it. They get it set in their heads that this is the right thing to do, when in reality they’re just riding that wedding high.

 On the flip side though, some people fear marriage and are truly against making that lifelong commitment. Why? Well I honestly don’t know truth be told. I mean I understand that some people like being alone and don’t want to give themselves to someone else completely. And that’s fine… some people just work better alone. Also lots of people have probably just been hurt so much before that they fear giving themselves away completely again. BUT the ones that say they’re cool with being with someone without marriage as long as he’s paying bills etc, or as long as she’s holding down the house and the bedroom then marriage isn’t necessary… I can’t fade that lol. I know many of them feel like so many people take marriage for granted, and with couples getting divorced day by day it’s almost like why bother… I can sort of understand that logic, but who wants to date someone forever? Not I!

Again I have to ask what your thoughts on marriage are. Do you think marriage is a waste of time since it seems like more people get divorced than actually stay married? Or do you think marriage is the way to go once you feel like you’ve found the one? I just feel like if two people know they’re meant to be together, you might as well go all the way! Leave your thoughts below and also check out one my FAVORITE songs about marriage below 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Last Forever

  1. Marriage is important to me. Me and my partner have been together for some time and we want to get married some day. In a state that understands our love and commitment to one another. I believe people need to wait a while before “jumping the broom”. Marriage is a serious commitment that you should not take lightly, but understand that when you say I do. Your saying I do to your partners problems, issues and family. Your saying I do care and love you, I do want to spend the rest of my life with you. So when it comes to marriage I believe it should be take seriously and only for those who want to take the ultimate challenge of a new life and future with their loved one. Marriage is cool in my book, but too many folk play around with it.


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