[Life Files] Note To Self

What’s up bosses and boss chics! Ya’ll know I am all about a positive message, well I was browsing Oprah’s website which I do often and came across a very inspiring piece. Now let me back up a little and just say  that Oprah has always been my inspiration. I’m sure she has inspired us all in some form or fashion, but since I was a little girl I’ve always known that I wanted to be famous for doing something great for the world, and Oprah is the inspiration behind that dream.

I used to get out of school every day and go home and watch Oprah with my grandma. I loved how she reflected light on situations that were swept under the rugs of homes, she brought realizations to the world that celebrities are just as human as the rest of us, and she ALWAYS made sure to give back to the world. Not only that, but Oprah has a story. Her life was not all roses and sunshine, but she took her life situations and made them work for her, constantly setting and reaching new goals.

Anywho as I was checking out different articles on her website, I came across one that had excerpts from different celebrities giving their 25 year-old selves a bit of advice. I read through them all but the one that stood out most to me was that of Michael J Fox. Everything he said makes so much sense and if I could just live by these few words of advice daily, I might just make my life a little more stress free. Check it out below and leave your thoughts in the comments! Subtract 5 years from your age and if you could look back give yourself any piece of advice at that age, what would it be?


LaBellaBoss ♥

Dear Michael,

When the time comes to chase your dreams, and it will, they may seem elusive; but know you won’t catch them all at once. Just one challenge at a time.

When success comes, and it will, don’t gobble it up—savor and share it, and it will last.

When love comes, and it will, don’t bury it in expectation and projection—be prepared to fall in love all over again every day.

When the unexpected and inconceivable intrudes on life, and it will, deal with life’s actual events—don’t obsess about perceived eventualities.

Relax—enjoy the ride.
—Michael J. Fox, 50, actor and activist



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