Bubbly Cover- Brandon Hairston

Good morning bosses and boss chics! Ya’ll know how much I love music and in my previous life I was an A&R for a record label (LOL)… well I have been blessed with an amazing record that I couldn’t help but share. My little cousin who isn’t so little any more *sad face* did a cover to Colbie Calliat’s hit “Bubbly” and his version is just as good as hers!

When I first heard it I initially thought my crazy uncle/his dad was playing one of his many jokes on me, but when I realized that it was REALLY Brandon singing I was shocked! He has amazing talent and I would so love to see him on The Voice or something one day. He’s only a senior in high school and he lives in Colorado, so we don’t get to see each other that often. But from when he was a little kid I knew he was going to be artistically inclined in some way because he was always ahead of his time and thinking out of the box.

Check out his cover below and take the poll to let me know what you think! SN: Watch out John Mayer, Bruno Mars #allat 😉


LaBellaBoss ♥




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