[Positive Monday] Go And Get It

Alter Ego Shoot
Glamour Girl vs. Hood Chick

MY LOVESSSSS! First of all let me just state HOW HAPPY I AM TO FINALLY HAVE MY INTERNET WORKING PROPERLY! Whew ya’ll just don’t know! You know I’m a computer junkie so I have been having major withdrawals from the net lol. I’m not about that internet-less life! Anyway I had the most exciting experience this weekend and couldn’t wait to post about it.

As most of you know, I live in a REALLY small town in Virginia and there’s almost no opportunity here… like zero. Well back at the beginning of the year I happened to meet a young man from my city who custom makes suits for men (and now women), he reached out to me after reading my blog and since then we’ve been business partners. Any time he has events come up that he thinks I could do a write up on, he recommends me for the job. Well today he was a part of a photo shoot that consisted of two models and he asked me to style them for the shoot. I even did their makeup!

I took different items from my closet and helped style them for their different looks. There were four looks in all and I was put in charge of making sure their looks incorporated into each other for each set. There was an office type setting in a library, a garden setting, a setting that depicted a scene at a bus stop, and also a setting with a rugged background which you can see in the pic above. I don’t want to give too much away because later I’ll be doing a sit down interview with the models and give details on what goes on behind the scenes of these actual shoots. I think it’s so intriguing how the people on set interact and how they all come together to achieve a goal of capturing the perfect photo.

I loved the fact that we all worked together so well and we all clicked. There were no difficulties on set and I appreciated the fact that the models were okay with whatever I decided to try on them. They were open for whatever and I realized that plays a major part in making sure things run smoothly. Be on the look out for an upcoming article with the models and you’ll also be hearing more from me about my partner Bleek and his Va BeSpoke custom suits line… On top of that, soon I’ll be working with the photographer from the set for my very own photo shoot for the blog. I’m so excited for what’s to come!

When you find your niche, always follow it and do whatever it takes to get somewhere doing what you love. The fact that I love to write and I just so happen to have a love for fashion has led me to be called into styling as well. Not that I’ll be styling on a regular basis, but that could even open doors for me to get into fashion editing once I finish school. You just never know what could happen in life when there are such endless opportunities, we just have to go out and grab them!

Have a #PositiveMonday and throw your shades on! 😉


LaBellaBoss ♥



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