[Dress For Less] Target Tee Top BodyCon Dress

Xhilaration BodyCon Tee Top Dress $18

Happy Hump Day bosses and boss chics! First of all let me just tell ya’ll how I had written this WHOLE blog last night and somehow when I was done, all that was left was the picture above *sad face*. Any who, I’ve been getting numerous requests for more “look for less” type posts to help some of my viewers find items that are more budget friendly. Now before I continue just keep in mind that the clothes and things I post are usually just items I found from some of my favorite websites. It doesn’t mean I’m paying that much for any of it, it’s all just to give you guys an idea of how I make different looks based on my individual style.

On that note, you can always go out and find similar pieces like the ones I post on for much cheaper prices. However I do want to start working on more posts that are budget friendly to help you guys out. What I try to do is buy lots of simple, staple items for my closet like this blue dress above. When you have items like those, you can spice it up with different shoes and accessories to make different looks. What I usually splurge on is shoes. I’ve said numerous times that I try to base my outfit around my shoes. When you just buy the outfit you have to go out and find shoes to match, but when you already have the shoes it’s easy to go find a cheap dress or shirt to match.

The dress above can be found at Target for only $18 and it’s so easy to use for color blocking! You can pair it with yellows, greens, purple or pink and even orange to get the color block effect going. What I did was paired it with some yellow wedges from Aldo’s and a hot pink hobo bag from Forever21. Check those out below and let me know what you think of this look! Be on the look out for more posts like this as well!


LaBellaBoss ♥


Aldo’s Harvat Mustard Suede Wedge Sandals $100


Forever21 Neon Pink Hobo $24.80




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