President Obama We Support Your Message

I’m sure most of you already know that President Obama has come out with an official statement expressing that he support same-sex marriages. Ever since then the Republicans have been in a frenzy, while the president may have just won over the whole LGBT community in votes. I don’t speak on politics at all because I really truly hate them. No matter how good the politician, I just feel like they all sell us somewhat of a dream and none of them can REALLY follow through with everything they promise. However, I will say that President Obama does a damn good job trying in my book!

I wanted to speak on his stance when it comes to gay marriage because I have many friends who are gay and even have a few family members. This has never ever bothered me, not even in the slightest. But of course I AM an Aquarius and we are the most open-minded zodiac sign of the twelve. Any who, I was reading online where the Republican candidate Mitt Romney is so much against gay marriage that if elected he’s willing to even make an amendment against it so that it is banned nationwide. I just think this is SO extreme and so wrong on all levels. The Republicans (not all but some) have a way of forcing the world to think like them. It’s one thing if you don’t agree to something, but to force everyone else to live by that belief is just wrong.

I know plenty of people will say that supporting gay marriage isn’t the “Christian” thing to do, but neither is judging those who want to make that union with their same-sex partner. My thing is, I am NOT gay in any way. Therefore, legalizing same-sex marriages can’t affect me at all. You’re still going to see same-sex couples out and about, they are STILL going to the be there. So why ban them from making it official? They fall in love just as well as man and woman and if they want to get married let them. If there will be any consequences to follow, they will have to take that up with God directly not any of us on Earth. And they already have to take their sexual preference up with God any way according to the Bible so what’s the difference?

President Obama basically said that as a Christian he doesn’t necessarily SUPPORT gay marriage, but he thinks it is unreasonable to not give everyone the freedom to marry who they want. I couldn’t agree with him more. It’s okay to not agree with same-sex marriage, you don’t have to like it. You don’t have to vote for it or support it at all. But to go against it, vote against it, and actually try to BAN it is just flat-out wrong. It’s not what the “land of the free” stands for. And for those reasons, I definitely support my president’s message. 

Be the change you want to see… Vote for change!


LaBellaBoss ♥


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