Styled By Shants

Slim’s shoot with Courtney Yellock styling and makeup done by me

Happy Saturday Bosses and Boss Chics! I told you guys the other day that I had picked up a hobby of styling and doing makeup for local models in my area. Well one of the models who I went to school with hit me up earlier in the week and asked if I could help at her shoot. Of course I said yes because it’s become a fun hobby for me. This time we shot with photographer Courtney Yellock who has done MANY shoots in our area.

When I got there we decided to do a floral, flirty type of outfit, a sexy short pink dress, and then she did a look in a bathing suit in a mirror frame. I won’t post the bathing suit pics, I’ll leave that to her to post to her facebook and whatnot but I did want to share the final picture of her floral outfit which you can see above. Also below I took a close up picture of her makeup as well as a few in the pink dress.

You can check those out below and let us know what you think! Like I said I’m not really a stylist or anything, but I do have fun working with different looks to help these girls out. Hopefully I can keep it going and begin to perfect it as a craft along the way, we’ll see! Don’t forget to check out the other pics below and enjoy your weekend!


LaBellaBoss ♥


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