[Positive Monday] Who Run The World?

Girl's Night Out

Happy Monday bosses and boss chics!! And of course Happy Delayed Mother’s Day to all the great mother’s out there being the best they can be for their kids! First of all I had an AMAZING weekend! Actually I had an amazing last few days period. Before my weekend even started I was sent Mother’s Day flowers by a secret admirer to work. I have never been sent anything by a secret admirer and I thought that was pretty dope on whoever’s part 🙂 THEN the next day I received a gift certificate for Mother’s Day for an hour-long full body massage and a mani and pedi from someone who I will always have love for… both gifts were unexpected but greatly appreciated!! They made me feel special, and I NEVER get Mother’s Day gifts so that really made my holiday.

Even though my weekend was great, I did have to work on Friday night and Saturday morning at my part time job so I didn’t get to do much Friday night. However after work on Saturday, I was BLESSED with the opportunity to walk with my mom in one of her good friend’s Mother/Daughter fashion show. Her friend (who has become like a big sister to me) lost her mother not even a year ago in a fatal car wreck, and she and her siblings decided to start this annual mother/daughter fashion show as a representation for their love for her. The proceeds from the show went to the Sandra Estes Scholarship Fund which will be an annual scholarship given to college students.

The fashion show was a major success and I had so much fun being in it with my mom! It was great being in an environment surrounded by women in a positive light for a change. Right after the fashion show, me and all my girls decided to go get drinks at the local Mexican restaurant and luckily it was nice enough to sit outside. I know we sat out there for a good two or three hours eating, drinking, laughing, and catching up on old times. I can’t even tell you the last time we had all been together, so this felt so good! I’m thankful to still be able to say I have the same friends that I had when I was little. That in itself is a blessing.

To wrap up my weekend, yesterday I went to church with Trey and my best friend and cousin, and afterwards spent time with my dad’s family at my grandma’s. My grandma fell and broke her tailbone about a month ago so instead of going out, we ordered food and sat around the house chopping it up. My family drives me crazy at times but I always appreciate those moments with them. There is nothing like having a family to that gets on your nerves from time to time, that’s how you know the love is real! Some people aren’t so lucky! After spending time at my grandma’s, Trey and I went to my mom’s and relaxed with her for awhile. She sent us home with SO MUCH food lol and did I say she is a bomb cook?

After a long weekend I came home and literally HIT the bed… I was so tired last night I could barely function but the weekend was well worth it! I’m glad I got to spend time with my family and ALL of my girls because that doesn’t happen too often in one weekend. I hope everyone had a great weekend as well and have a productive week to follow! Check out a few pics from my weekend below 🙂

*throws shades on*


LaBellaBoss ♥

Me and my mama at the fashion show ❤
Me and Rissa, the mastermind behind the fashion show
Me and my bestie Tia out for drinks

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