The Championship Game

What’s up bosses and boss chics! I don’t know if anyone has been keeping up with season 5 of The Game other than myself and a few people I know, but it has been interesting to say the least! The season started off a little rocky and stereotypical but as the weeks passed the show progressed. I wanted to blog about how good the season finale was; it had so many unexpected twists and turns! I definitely loved how it ended and it has me waiting for season 6.

In the previous episode, Jason had broken up with Chardonnay and caused her to lose her job. So much was going wrong in her life and Jason really left no explanation as to why he didn’t want to be with her anymore. Well it turns out that Jason set everything up including her losing her job because he had bought her the salon and spa she had always dreamed of. Not only that but he also got down on one knee and proposed! I thought that was the sweetest thing ever! Needless to say they decided to stay together… I can’t wait to see how that turns out next season.

In Saber world, San Diego’s home team won the championship game again with the help of Malik and Derwin. Derwin didn’t expect to see Melanie after the game because she was supposed to be catching a flight to DC to go to Johns Hopkins as planned. It turns out that she ends up seeing Rick Fox at the airport who says a few things that makes her want to go back and celebrate with Derwin. (Rick also reveals that he only told Tasha he was leaving to go on Dancing With The Stars but she took it as him leaving her for something better. I loved Tasha and Rick together! *sad face*) When Mel gets back to Derwin they all go out to celebrate and have a good time.

When the crew is at the club, Malik’s model chic Jenna gets wasted and starts dancing promisciously. Malik gets mad and takes her outside of the club where they go to the car. Once they get to the car Jenna ends up falling asleep and later wakes up and wonders why they’re in front of rehab. Malik tells her that he’s taking her there because she has a sickness and he has realized he can’t help her. He then told her that they would never work and that he loved her, and the ungrateful heifer had the nerve to spit in his face! I was so mad like I know him personally or it’s real lol! Back at the club, Melanie announces that she’ll be leaving soon so she can get to the airport. This sets Derwin off and they have a big argument about her leaving. Derwin basically walked off knowing that would be the last time he saw her before she left.

Tasha and Pookie finally get settled into their relationship and establish their feelings for each other even more. Tasha tells him that he’s everything she has ever wanted in a man. However, after they fell asleep Rick Fox ends up calling her but she missed the call. At the end of the show, Melanie is sitting at the airport in a restaurant alone. Derwin calls her and tries to convince her to come back home but to no avail. Suddenly as he’s in mid-sentence, he walks right up to the table where Melanie is! He revealed to her that he planned on going with her to DC for awhile since his schedule would be free.

At the very end Malik gives his lingerie wearing assistant orders to call up women in his contacts who consent to sex and to notify the hotel manager where he stays to knock out a few walls. He said he needed more space for what he needed to do lol! As soon as I saw that part I knew my man Malik was back! That’s my main man, I love him and his player ways!

I can’t wait to see what the next season brings, especially since Melanie and Derwin won’t be on the show at all. They both have other endeavors going on, I think she will be filming her reality show with her sister  and he has an upcoming movie. All in all I thought this season was pretty good and the characters were much more in their element than they were in season 4. Did you keep up with the season and will you be watching next season? Hit us up with your thoughts!


LaBellaBoss ♥



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