Is The NBA Rigged?

First and foremost I must give a big congrats to the Miami Heat for winning the 2012 NBA Championship last night, with a special shoutout to Lebron for his first ring! Now before I go any further I am not a Heat fan and will never be; I love my Celtics through and through! Let me also make it clear in no way am I trying to take away from the Heats’ win last night or from the fact that they deserved to win this series after the way they played for the past four games. I actually liked Lebron before he flew south to Miami, and I didn’t stop liking him simply because of his move. I just hated the way he went about it, how the media hyped it up, and I haven’t gotten over a few of his sore loser spurts in the past. (FYI to this day I don’t like Kobe because of his attitude *shrugs*)

I admit I give Lebron a hard time about being overrated, but I have my reasons to back it up. When my Celtics were playing against the Heat in the semi-finals, I continuously stated my opinion on how Lebron didn’t come through in the clutch for his team; but he definitely showed me different in the finals so I’m on QT right now LOL! So before I go into the real reason behind this post, I’m making it perfectly understandable that I am not hating on the Heat. Got it? Good lol

With that said, is it just me or is the NBA rigged? The blowout last night had me stuck with my mouth wide open; I just could not wrap my mind around the fact that OKC lost that bad in Game 5, costing them the whole championship. It was almost like the Thunder had given up before it was even over. I was so disappointed by the outcome of the game, and it made me wonder was it all set up?

Hear me out… I really thought this series would be going to Game 7 since both teams have such great talents. When OKC first beat the Heat, I thought it would be an interesting run to watch. I was SO wrong. I had to stop watching the game last night after the 3rd quarter. Since the Heat won the series in a 4-1 run and blew the Thunder out so bad, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a tactic used by the NBA to get people talking even more once Lebron had won the ring.

The biggest hype of the NBA for the past couple of years has been behind Lebron James, his decision to join the Heat with Wade and Bosh, and his lack of a championship ring. If he simply won the ring that would shut up millions of people, but then it would also take away from some of his “hype” because he couldn’t really be the focus of jokes and debates as much. However since the Heat went out with such a bang, it has only added fuel to the fire of the discussion behind Lebron and the team as a whole. Now people aren’t seeing them as the overrated team anymore, and I’ve actually heard people say this is the beginning of a new basketball era. The masterminds behind the NBA know the Heat is probably the most talked about team right now and have been for the past two years. Makes me wonder if it’s all a set up by the NBA to increase views and make them more money…. I’m not saying that it’s not possible for the Heat to have just played that great, but I can’t grasp the concept of OKC letting it slip away so easily.

So I have to ask what you guys think?? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts! And Heat fans don’t come for me, I ain’t hating 😉 lol


LaBellaBoss ♥


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