What Men Want

What’s up bosses and boss chics! I’m always saying how I can relate to guys more so than girls when it comes to having general discussions on life and love. Even though I have THE hardest time figuring them out, I think men have a much simpler way of looking at things in life. Women are full of emotions and feelings and we are more in tune with that side of ourselves; men on the other hand are well guarded and most think pretty clearly without the unnecessary emotions that comes with certain situations.

With that said, I asked a bunch of different guys what their ideal woman would be like or what they look for in women. I asked different men in my family, friends from school, and even a few coworkers so I could get a wide range of thoughts to present. However not much to my surprise, many men have a list of qualities that are similar to the rest. They all want someone who is understanding, down to earth, PRETTY, and sweet. They want someone who will ride for them when the time calls for it, and who will always be by their side.

Now this is all fine and dandy and these lists were all great, but then I received two responses that got my wheels turning. These two basically said the same thing where they don’t really have a list of things they look for, but they go by how they feel about the person as time passes. They said that any one could have a list of qualities, but if the two aren’t compatible the list won’t matter regardless. It’s all about two people being able to bend to meet the other’s needs, rather than two people who break at the first sight of an issue.

We all have our minds fixed on something that we want, and we want that one thing to be specific to our exact taste. However, we also have to keep in mind that no one is perfect; so while you may have all these standards for a person to meet, it is impossible for them to meet them all. It’s all about finding someone that makes you want to conform to their wants and needs and vice versa. Instead of trying to find someone that meets the criteria on your “list”, use that list as a guideline for what you want. When you find that one that has potential to be your lifelong partner, you’ll know and the list will go out the window 😉

Do you have a list of qualities that you look for in your significant other? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts! It would be nice for you all to go into detail rather than stating the obvious, I’m interested to see what matters the most to people!


LaBellaBoss ♥


4 thoughts on “What Men Want

  1. Men want a female that doesn’t love the attention of 289 males a day. That Stays loyal. That Doesn’t control everything. Women that don’t try to send you on guilt trips. That don’t take your money. That Don’t have kids. That are fine with just screwing and calling it a day.


    1. good luck to finding a woman who fits all those lol. i can understand the first few but the last… idk too many women who are just ok with screwing and never nag or complain lol. it’s our nature! and i’m biased on the kid thing b/c I have one myself. everything else I can agree to! thanks for your response! 🙂


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