[Positive Monday] Faith Without Works…

I love this pic of Kelis in her shades!! She’s the original Boss Chic 😉

What’s up bosses and boss chics! I hope ya’ll had a great Positive Monday. We were slammed at work all day which is why this is being posted so late. As you can tell, I don’t post half as often as I used to and I have really been going back and forth about this in my head.

As you all know, I used to run the BCF through blogspot but eventually purchased my own domain. Well since the transfer, the blog stopped receiving as much feedback as it used to. Not only that but I moved out on my own again, and I got so caught up in getting everything right with my apartment that I started blogging less and less.

Well NOW I’ve picked up a part time job in addition to the full time, plus I’m taking class three nights a week in summer school. When I say my brain activity is on a constant high, it’s caused me to sort of put the blog on the backburner and I’m not proud of it at all. Since I started blogging, I initially received a major response from people in my area but as time has passed the buzz has sort of died down. Of course that can be discouraging to anyone, and I think that kind of made me want to blog even less.

It eventually came to a point where I started making excuses for why I couldn’t find the time to blog. At this point, I had gotten so out of my element that I couldn’t even find the inspiration or passion to blog. It was more so me keeping the blog running for those select people who really look forward to it.

Then I had a revelation. How could I ever expect this thing to blow up or progress to any degree if I don’t put in the work to get it there? I can believe in myself and believe that this is where God had led me all I want, but if I’m not willing to give it my all then the faith is pointless. Yes you have to keep the faith and believe that something great will happen, but if you’re not setting yourself up for that blessing  then there is no way you will get it. Always make sure you keep the faith, but realize nothing comes easy. Put in the work to get what you want, so when it comes you won’t have to reach far to grab it 😉

*throws shades on*

LaBellaBoss ♥


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