Everything’s Better In The Bahamas

Tia, Myself, and Portia in Freeport, Bahamas

What’s up bosses and boss chics?? I know it’s been a LONGGG time since I’ve posted a blog, but the summer semester left me with very little room to do any blogging at all *sad face*. I was enrolled in two classes over the summer, and one class was on Friday evenings from 3:45-6:45 pm and the other was on Mondays and Tuesdays from 7-10 pm O_o On top of that I’ve been working my full time job plus weekends at the YMCA just about every week. Can we say exhausting?

However I finally got a much needed vacation with my girls last week as we sailed to the Bahamas! We drove from Martinsville to Charleston, SC to set sail but unfortunately ran into some issues with our car. We had to call a tow truck to pick us up, who then drove us to a place to get it fixed where he also had a taxi waiting on us. Luckily we left with enough time in advance to make it to the ship with an hour left before the deadline. We had to leave the car to get fixed while we were gone, and picked it back up after the cruise. God was definitely working with us that day!

When we got on the ship it was pure Heaven! I don’t know what other way to put it. The guests mostly consisted of families and couples but I went with two of my best friends, Tia and Portia. The servers and waiters took care of us practically hand and foot, to the extent of us finding our beds turned down whenever we got back to the room each night. Each day there was a breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet, and a full course dinner every night. You could pick as many appetizers, entrees, and desserts as you wanted for dinner; not to mention each day there was an open sushi bar (for free) from 5-8:15 pm. I was in fat girl Heaven!

There were so many different activities and shows to go to on the ship that we almost didn’t need to get off! Everything was included with the room so we only had to pay for souvenirs and drinks. We went to the ship’s nightclub where the DJ played nothing but hip hop club bangers all night. We went to karoake, did the Wobble and Cha Cha slide more times than we could count, and drank our little hearts out. There was also a section called “Serenity” for adults 21 and up with two jacuzzi hot tubs and lounge chairs. We went out there every night to drink wine and just relax. The boat also had a pool, a comedy club, numerous bars, teen clubs, water slides, a mini golf course, and track. There was so much to do it’s no way anyone could ever get bored on a cruise.

The cruise consisted of two fun days at sea and two port days in all. First we docked in Nassau, Bahamas which is the capital. It was absolutely beautiful! We found that everyone there was extremely nice and helpful; it made me feel so happy and blessed just to be there. In Nassau we shopped for souvenirs downtown and walked to the beach from the ship. We sat out by the ocean (which was clear and blue might I add) and sipped mixed drinks out of coconuts. I even jumped in the ocean a few times from the pier. We ended up getting a free ferry boat ride, and Portia convinced the captain to let her steer it the whole ride. She did a good job!

The next day in Freeport, we got off the ship for a little while but it was extremely hot that day. Freeport consists mostly of historical sights, so instead of sightseeing we found an outside bar called Sparky’s that had $1 shots! It was a special Bahamian made rum; I had coconut rum and Tia and Portia had mango rum. Even at Sparky’s we did the Wobble and Cha Cha slide and by the time we left we were feeling great.

All in all my trip to the Bahamas was the best vacation I’ve had thus far. There was no drama between me and my friends, and everyone enjoyed themselves equally. It felt good to finally be able to reap the benefits of hard work and treat myself to something out of the ordinary. I’m already looking forward to going on another cruise in the very near future. The fact that everything was included with the room on board made it even better. All I really had to worry about was paying for my drinks (and internet usage from dying to post a pic on Instagram the first day #whoops lol). I definitely recommend that everyone go on a cruise if you get the opportunity! It’s an unforgettable experience and it made me feel like a BAWSE! LOL! Check out a gallery of the pics from the cruise below, hope you enjoy!


LaBellaBoss ♥


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