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What’s up bosses and boss chics? As promised I’m starting something new with the BCF to focus on people who are on the come up in different fields like myself. I give credit to people who create ways to make their own money and be their own bosses, so I want to continually make note of those who are grinding to make it their own way.

The first individual who inspired me to push my limits further when I got into blogging, I met through one of my cousins named Jewel. Not only did he put me on to the gig I got styling and doing makeup for a few local models, but he has also started his own line of custom suits that he crafts himself to each consumers’ individual taste. He’s known as Bleek and has worked with the likes of NFL players and other well known elites, designing tailored suits under his line VA|BESPOKE.

I got the chance to send him a few interview questions to start off this new section of the BCF, and thankfully he answered them in depth and honestly. Check out what he had to say after the break and find out more about what he does, what got him started, and what goals he has set for his designing career!

What is the overall concept behind VA|BESPOKE?

VA|BESPOKE is a custom clothing line where we do the actual styling for special events or every day work wear, based on the clients needs .We can either upgrade old items and make them into new custom pieces or we design the actual pieces from scratch. Everything is designed based on the individual’s style but with the touch of class that VA|BESPOKE offers. We allow the clients to have their personal expression in their clothing.

What got you into this field of work? Was this always one of your dreams?

When I was little my mother always dressed me well from head to toe, so since then I’ve always had a love for high end fashion. It really started as a childhood inspiration. I got tired of seeing men with no sense of style, unaware of how a suit should fit. VA|BESPOKE gives gentlemen the chance to have a say in the design of their suit.

Who are some of the clients that you deal with? ie.-athletes, working man, etc.

Well first of all any time you’re dealing with custom pieces, the prices for the final works are going to be a little higher than if you went out and bought a suit from an every day department store. With that said, I do tend to work with those who can more easily afford my designs.

I have had the chance to work with the well known Ray Lewis who is in his 17th NFL season. He’s had 13 Pro Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl, and he’s considered to be the best inside linebacker of all time. I’m definitely glad to be able to say that I work with him and will be working with him in the upcoming season. It’s a good look for what VA|BESPOKE stands for.

What are some of the obstacles that you had to overcome while creating the brand of VA|BESPOKE?

Of course the market, or lack thereof, is pretty much a major obstacle for everyone right now. VA|BESPOKE caters to the every day man but since the economy isn’t in the best position right now, the demographics of our clientele mostly consist of the elite.

What’s a typical day like at VA|BESPOKE ‘s offices?

Well I reference it back to my cold calling days as a broker. I get up and go through my Rolodex and see what events are coming up and in what cities. I try to reach out to prospective clients and check in with any clients I need to give updates on orders. I try to find different promotional images for marketing campaigns and think of ways to expand the brand more. Every day I’m just out there reaching out to make VA|BESPOKE more and more well known.

What upcoming events are you currently working on?
Back in June I was in Charlotte N.C. presenting VA|BESPOKE in a Hair and Fashion Show sponsored by No Grease Barber Shop which exceeded my expectations. Coming up next this weekend we’ll be at Lotus Lounge in Greensboro N.C. hosting a VA|BESPOKE party as well. Everyone definitely needs to be there!

If you could pick from any celebrities, who would be the face of VA|BESPOKE?

I’d have to say Brad Pitt, Nick Cannon, and Scott Disick. They all have a smooth, debonair style but each add their own appeal to everything they wear and noticeably take pride in their image.

So how would you describe Bleek’s every day style?

Hmmm Bleek’s style is one of a kind. I switch up my look a lot. Last summer I wore a lot of VA|BESPOKE golf gear. This summer I rocked the J’s, fedora hats, and argyle socks. I wear button ups and T’s. It’s definitely not a style you see often.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Building wealth! Lol no seriously, I hope to have built a strong clientele by then so I will be able to live comfortably thereafter. What more can you ask for?

Well there you have it! I give credit where credit is due and I believe the hard work and ambition always wins in the end. If you want to know more about VA|BESPOKE you can check out the website here or follow the twitter page @VA_BeSpoke. Bleek also has a personal twitter page @VA_Bleek so hit him up if you want to know more!

LaBellaBoss ♥


11 thoughts on “[Future Famous Faces] VA Be|Spoke

  1. Bosslady!!! I’ve seen your Chic Files and thought Its was just for Chics’ local gossip maybe But Wow!!! You got this field on Smash… The Interview… U asked straight to the point questions I cannot and will Not Go No further without telling you I am 1 of your Fans… Off the Gate I mean the setup, the chance for Anyone from Our Town to Get the Chance to Speak here. Thats 100 ALL DAY ALONE… Ive seen your work with models of course a TrendSetter you are… As a Man out here alone facing the Challenges of the Economy with Many different Struggles, I’ve learned that without God 1st and the Push @ Will alone What can we Acutually say We Accomplished, I’m Just Saying Pat yourself on the back Its a Must To SUPPORT your local Neighbors… All i can say is Im proud of You Keep up the work, coverage, and most importantly the duties out here of being a mom Striving for Something Different in Martinsville to Build Bleek whats up man, Great approach on the business, We’ve meet a on Several Occasions and I Salute your Upward Bound…Build your EMPIRE and Keep Pushing them Mountains


  2. Congratulations on your goal of recognizing entrepreneurship, BCF! I especially enjoyed this article because Bleek displays tenacity and creativity; he exudes confidence and class. He breaks the mold and dispels the myths all at the same time.

    Bravo Bleek! Keep doing what you love! You are an inspiration! You will continue to excel!

    BCF–You keep up this important work, and keeping following Bleek–He’s headed for greatness! Fabulous!


  3. His sense of style has always been amazing and I know I will continue to read more about Bleek and his success it is well deserved. Enjoyed reading the article and this site will be part of my favorites.


  4. Very well put article. I’ve checked out his website and I can say Bleek can make a college freshman look like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company! I had to put in my request for a three piece suit. With his creativity, I believe the outcome will be great!


  5. There is no limit to what this gifted, humbled, talented man Bleek can do. His vision and mission celebrates and illuminates the person through fashion. We thank him for sharing his gift with the world.


  6. History in the making!!! As a golfer, the VA|B golf line is spectacular. I can also say that the custom-made suits are on point. There’s no irony in the fact that the best (Ray Lewis) chose this line.


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