[Watch This] VA|BESPOKE x Monday Night Football

Bleek fitting Ray Lewis & company

I know millions of guys around the world (and some females too) are jumping out of their draws for Monday Night Football lol, and one of the BCF’s own readers will be making waves in their own way tonight. Last week I interviewed the creator of VA|BESPOKE who has had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Ray Lewis, the 17 season linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens whose season opener is tonight. If you missed that interview, you can read it here to get the full scoop.

Also it was brought to my attention that last weekend during the Labor Day holiday, there were a total of twelve shootings in Baltimore, MD alone (crazy right?!) . Altogether six people lost their lives to violence, and famous faces such as Ray Lewis and Pastor Jamal Bryant held a rally last week to speak out against it. Ray Lewis gave a small speech acknowledging the importance of speaking against violence, while wearing none other than a custom made VA|BESPOKE suit. You can check out the video from the rally at CBS Baltimore News!

Even though the situation at hand was a sad one, it’s always a good look to see people from home doing major things in the industry. Big ups to Bleek!

LaBellaBoss ♥



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