Lemme See You Workout For Me


Being perfectly honest I’m not satisfied with my body the way it is at the moment, so I’m in need of a change. I can be a very physically fit person when I feel like it, and I can’t remember exactly when the last time that was lol. I’m the type who wants to see results immediately (hey patience isn’t my thing) so I’ll start a workout plan and quit it with the quickness. Here lately it seems like everything I eat is going to my stomach, and ya’ll know I’m not about losing my shape lol. So I’m taking action.

My little sister/partner in crime, Meyonka, and I have decided that we’re gonna start working out together. I asked a good friend who is a fitness guru what we should do if we wanted to lose our stomachs, tone our butt and thighs, and work on upper body strength. I was told to start with a two week warm-up where we walk/run 3-5 days a week. We are to start with a 15 minute walk, then alternate between running and walking alternatively for one minute until we’ve done this for 20 minutes total. For each day that we walk, we are to do 100 crunches and 50 push-ups each night as well. Once we’ve gotten this far our workout will become more strenuous.

In addition to getting regular exercise, I’m making it a point to eat healthier as well. My mom has a juicer that I plan to use to make healthy drinks, and I plan to make protein smoothies as well. I THINK I’m going to cut out red meat for awhile , but Ion know about that just yet lol. Today will be our first walking so if anyone wants to join us on our journey to get fit let us know so we can all stay motivated. I hope everyone has a happy hump day!



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