[Music Files] DC3 Review


If you know me then you know I’ve been a Meek fan since Dreamchasers 1. I played the hell outta that mixtape and just recently downloaded it to my phone and iPad so I can get some more play out of it. I wasn’t feeling DC2 as much but Dreams & Nightmares the album was pretty solid. Still I was hoping he would bring that DC1 fire back that I fell in love with from jump. And he did just that!

Meek DID this mixtape and I’m so glad he came hard with it! I love him for his hood ways and especially love his turn up songs and the ones that make you vibe and think. I love how he talks sh*t and his level of cockiness. Some of my favorites off this mix are “Heaven or Hell”, “Fuckin’ With Me”, “Hip Hop”, and “My Life”. Do you know how hype I was when I heard Jada on “Heaven or Hell”?!? I’m forever a Jada fan! Not to mention he used the “I Got 5 On It” beat for the song… Me and my BFF Ashley have a lifelong inside joke behind that song so that just makes “Heaven or Hell” even greater!

Meek was right on time with this because I haven’t had any street rap to ride to in awhile. I can always depend on him and Jeezy to give me my fix! What are your thoughts?



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